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Mojave Viper

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  1. maria pirone's comment:

    supporting your mission and message

  2. brian's comment:

    Thanks for your support, Maria. It means a lot to me.


  3. Pasini's comment:

    Tara, my argument wasn’t that ALL high tech is coltsy just that it is important to weigh the cost of new tech against the anticipated savings, that police work is still about humans rather than machines. That’s why I included news articles about police departments that have experienced both cost and benefit for their investments.I think that too often, chiefs feel pressured to spend money before next year’s budget, so they buy some shiny object they may not really need. Indications are that ALPR is not one of these technologies (and I am familiar with it, having written about it for Police Security News), but chiefs should still weigh an investment in it against, say, new in-dash cams, or computer forensic software based on the problems their communities and officers are experiencing, how officers are currently deployed and how they’re likely to be re-deployed in the future.In other words, chiefs should not get so caught up in the potential of some technology that they miss the implications of becoming overreliant on it. Until artificial intelligence gets to be as good as we are at thinking, good police work is still needed in conjunction with most new tech!

  4. cheap non owners insurance in Lisle IL's comment:

    It’s a real pleasure to find someone who can think like that

  5. Citrus Heights auto insurance best rates's comment:

    This site is like a classroom, except I don’t hate it. lol

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