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Brian Palmer created Humint Productions LLC as a vehicle to produce and market Full Disclosure.

Full Disclosure chronicles Brian Palmer’s journeys to Iraq with the infantrymen of the 1st Battalion/2d Marine Regiment. On top of giving a boots-on-the ground view of the occupation, Full Disclosure follows Marines back to the States, where they must quickly readjust to life at home—often while preparing for the next turn through the revolving door to Iraq.

Going forward, Humint will produce films and television programs about political and social issues. Whether in the US or abroad, Humint will engage respectfully and substantively with the people who are living the stories we cover.

This site will be an extension and an expansion of the “Digital Diary” Brian Palmer wrote and shot for Pixel Press on his first Iraq trip in 2004; on the blogging he did for the Huffington Post; on his various Iraq-centered news reports; and on the documentary itself.

There’s only so much room in a single documentary to fit vital stories and raise essential issues. And it seems there’s precious little room in traditional media to have deep and real exchanges about Iraq—and the fallout back home from the conflict. We encourage visitors to help me make this site a space for such genuine engagement and discussion.